Vita supply - Worst company

Longview, Texas 3 comments

I placed my order via Amazon on July 1, 2013 with a delivery date of July 11, 2013.I began contacting this company on the 13th via emails but never received a reaponse.

Today is the 22nd of July and I have still not received my items that have I was charged for nor has this terrible company bothered to respond to my numerous emails. No response at all. The only prompt thing this company did was charge my credit card in full. My credit card was charged the full amount the day I placed the order but they failed to deliver my product.

Amazon should review this vompany for their deceitful tactics.This is an awful company who only takes customers money with no intention of delivering product.

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Arlington, Texas, United States #1355759

I hate the Vitamin Shoppe. Poor service and no products available.

Houston, Texas, United States #1180437

I got mine same week.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #685683

Buy from "the vitamin shoppe" ...never been a problem for me, always prompt good service good products at a great price.

Vita supply - Product expired 14 days after ordered


I ordered some Vibrance green veggie powder for my kids to add to smoothies and juices to increase vitamins and nutrients in their diet. After using for 2 months, I noticed that product expired 14 days after I ordered it. I was pregnant and had taken this and I had given to my kids.

I called the company to ask for refund. I left a message and I never received a call back.

Buyer beware.

Call first or insist that the company supply you with an expiration date before paying.

Immediately check expiration date after receiving item as this type of practice is becoming all too common.

Review about: Vibrance Green Veggie Powder.

Vita supply - Ghost Company

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I ordered a big supply of denamarin for my dog $447 worth to be exact.My email receipt says 4-8 days delivery.

After 2 weeks, I called - yes it was a robot answering service and yes they're always busy. I called my bank card representative and had them reverse the charges due to the fact they do not contact you which means they take the money without delivering.

She said they will do an investigation but will not cancel the number on the card because this is not considered fraud - huh?Yeah it's fraud, and I will be sure to change the card # as soon as the 10 day investigation is thru.

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I ordered a bunch of Denamarin from them too.Didn't expect to receive it as it took longer than the 2-3 business days they advertised.

It came while I was out of town, about 2 weeks later, but I am hesitant to use it as I have a feeling it might not be authentic.

Have been attempting to get a response back from them so that I can return it; am going to ask to reverse the charges and am going to return the product without an authorization.Will not do business with this company again.

Vita supply - Never received order, still was charged full amount

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Not resolved

Much like the other complaints about Vita Supply I also ordered $192 worth of items from their website and never received them within the projected delivery date.I waited 3 weeks before I decided to call/contact them to see what happened and I have tried multiple times emailing them and calling them, leaving clear voicemails to their fake robot that claims all their representatives are busy, but still get no response.

They charged my bank account $192 dollars! I am livid.

I am waiting one more day for them to contact me before I take legal action.I wish I did my research first before I ordered so much from this farce!



I ordered from this site on April 20, 2013.I spent about $60.

I never received a shipment confirmation so I e-mailed on April 23, 2013 to ask for one. No answer from them. I waited about two weeks after that (even though the site said they would ship within a few days) to finally call. I got a voicemail.

So I tried e-mailing again on May, 1, 2013. I sent an e-mail requesting to cancel the order immediately. Later that same day I received an e-mail back from "Bobby Rai" that said "One of the items was back order,the order will be ship by this week . We apologize for the delay." So I thought alright, I've waited this long, what's another week...

Another two weeks went by and it never came. I planned on calling my credit card company just to cancel the order and report it as fraud, but I got really busy with work and travelling so I forgot about the whole experience. When I came back from vacation, I finally received my order on June 1, 2013. That took a total of 6 weeks to get to me.

If I had just spent the extra dollar or two on a different website I would have had it much sooner.

Even though I eventually got my order, I was very unhappy with the customer service and I will never order from this site again.:upset

Vita supply - Wrong Order Received No Response

Featured Not resolved

Update by user Jul 10, 2013

Good news the case is resolved!I got my refund and I got an email for all of you to send your complaints too.

After the BBB Claim I got an email from Bobby who seemed to really want to resolve the problem. Despite their difficulties managing customer service he was easy to deal with.

I know you'r frustrated but be kind and I'm sure you'll be able to work it out too.His contact is

Original review posted by user Apr 11, 2013

I ordered 4 month small kitten advantage from Vitasupply and received 4 month medium dog advantage on the 29th.5 unreturned messages and a number of unresponsive emails later it is now the 11th of the following month.

Their telephone goes to an automated system and they don't respond to emails.

So I'm out $40 and my pets don't have their flea meds, it's really as simple as that, but since this site is asking for more words I'll leave you with the beginning of the US constitution until this hits 100 words.Thank you.

"We the People of the United States..."

Vita supply - They will take your money

Ambler, Pennsylvania 0 comments

I ordered something and never received it!They then charged my account again when i did not place a purchase.

They charged me $26 then charged me $14. I placed this order back near Christmas so why would they just charge my account? This company does not answer phone calls and leaves your hanging. I am very upset and think it is not fair that they think they can just take my money and get away with it.

I work hard for my money and so should that.I hope that I get my money back or there will be *** to pay

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